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January 2011  

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CR Chart for Siren's Pull  
11:54am 02/01/2011
Diego Armando | Godot
Now my friends, let me tell you 'bout a cat that I once metCollapse )
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IC Contact  
12:53am 26/06/2010
Diego Armando | Godot

"This is Armando. But only the desperate call out without knowing who answers. That's one of my rules.

Ha...! Whatever the case, leave a message and I'll get back to you."
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How's My Driving?  
12:47am 26/06/2010
Diego Armando | Godot
If you have any comments or concerns about the way I'm playing ol' Toasterface, this here is the place. Anon is on and comments are screened, all that good stuff.
tags: !ooc: hmd
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Player/Character Info for sirenspull  
12:45am 26/06/2010
Diego Armando | Godot
Player Information

Name: GG
AIM SN: FullArmoredGG
Email: theggning@gmail.com
Timezone: Mountain (GMT -7)

Please feel free to hit me up anytime you see me online!

He had a love, it was keeping him alive; it was someone else agoCollapse )
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12:00pm 24/06/2010
Diego Armando | Godot
Everything above this post pertains to sirenspull!

Everything below this post pertains to edensphere!
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07:56pm 30/11/2009
Diego Armando | Godot
I'm looking to collect a little public data. Please take a few moments to place a checkmark in the section that corresponds the closest to your feelings on the matter.

Coffee is:

something I have never tasted
the essence of my lifeblood
not something I go out of my way for
vastly inferior to tea; I have no taste
good with cake and conversation

A coffee-related business venture would:

have my patronage
probably flop immediately
not appeal to me
become the light in my dismal existence
do well in this oppressive tea-ocracy

If asked to support this hypothetical business venture, I would:

laugh in the beggar's face
spare some change
fund the entire project with my bounteous generosity
not be particularly interested
wholeheartedly volunteer my time and concern
mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
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11:15am 22/11/2009
Diego Armando | Godot
All right, now this is just silly.

If you're going to hint around about me through dreams, powers-that-be, please at least have the courtesy not to suggest I was previously a little girl.
mood: annoyedannoyed
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08:24pm 06/11/2009
Diego Armando | Godot
If these little creatures are anything like the other bizarre things around here, they'll be as fleeting as a teardrop in a river.

Kind of a shame. I'm rather charmed by this young gentleman.

(OOC: Appropriately, Vladimir's familiar is a mellow, laid back, kind of bizarre brown tabby cat with the personality of Jake Marshall, who was a close friend of his... long, long ago. Yeehaw, bambina.)
mood: amusedamused
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05:56pm 03/11/2009
Diego Armando | Godot
I suppose the scale of the war doesn't really register until you've seen the names of the soldiers.

Funny, how things you don't even remember can somehow make you feel so hollow. Anyone understand?

(In smaller writing, at the bottom of the page)

I spilled a cup of coffee this morning. I'd barely taken two sips, but I think I loved that flavor all the same.
location: Home
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01:10pm 25/10/2009
Diego Armando | Godot
I feel like I overslept.

Woke up this evening in a goofy suit with the worst headache of my life. So I hear there was a fire?

Is everyone all right?
mood: worriedworried
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